This morning I logged onto Twitter and got the biggest shock ever. Nas and Nicki Minaj might be an item. I was devastated to say the least. Do you know how much I worship Nas???? This man is a legend to REAL hip-hop heads. This man has classic albums and there are shows and movies centered around his debut  album, Illmatic.


This man had the most heated beef in hip-hop history with one of the greatest emcees of all time, Jay-Z. I could go on and on but you get the picture. I’m not here to talk about all of Nas’ accomplishments, that’s already evident. I’m here because of all the dumb asses on Twitter going ham because people are not here for the dating rumors and are actually opposed to it, like myself. As we state our opinions as to why we don’t agree with the two dating, these young, dumb, idiots are going on and on about how old, ugly, and dumb we are but don’t have any respond as to why they should be together and why they think Nicki IS on Nas’ level. Just like a slow, ignorant crack 80’s baby. It got to the point that I was arguing with so many of the fools that I had to ask myself, “why am I up here going back and forth with someone with a snapchat filter in their avi?” Nas dropped Illmatic in 1994. Most of these wasn’t even born then. And Nicki was 12 years-old. One thing I love about Nas is that he is low-key. You rarely see him and when you do he looks like he hasn’t aged, is impeccably dressed, and speaks intelligently and very calculated. So, how does that make him and Nicki Minaj a good match??


I think the reason the Nicki Stans are going so hard for them is because they know how good it will make Nicki look if she is indeed dating a legend like Nas. And the sad thing is, I doubt this dating scandal is even true. There have been so many publicity stunts lately about fake couples and romances that you never know what to think. I have nothing against Nicki Minaj. I like some of her music. I was really feeling her and Meek Mill but her and Nas???? Hell naw.. I think Nas will lose a lot of respect and credibility if this is true. I don’t know if he cares or not, but that’s just my opinion and others on social media. But Nicki’s Army or Navy or whatever they call themselves these days needs to pipe down and go contour their cheek bones and stuff their jeans like they been doing. You cannot debate with real hip-hop heads. Those stupid ass insults don’t hurt us. It just shows how ignorant and immature you are. Fact are facts. Carry on……..dumb asses


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