Closed Mouths Do Get Fed, Bernice


I love #BlackTwitter. It’s like you have 5 million long lost cousins on your mama’s side that showed up to the Family Reunion all late, but still has the nerve to talk about everybody. Black Twitter shows no mercy and never disappoints. Last night they went ham on T.I.’s alleged sidechick, Bernice Burgos. The word is that T.I. and Bernice were spotted out and about in the last couple of weeks. T.I.’s wife (the divorce isn’t final) commented on social media and called Bernice a “pass around b$#ch”. I don’t know why, but Bernice thought it was OK to respond to Tiny and all of the people that had been bashing her for messing with T.I. even though him and Tiny were separated. This is where it gets messy…..People weren’t talking about the fact that Bernice is a homewrecker as much as they were talking about her voice, speech, age and daughter!! I viewed the video and had to watch it a couple of times because I thought this surely isn’t her talking. People are so creative these days when it comes to manipulating pictures and videos, so I thought someone changed Bernice’s voice as a joke. But her gestures and speech matched too well to be have been altered and I realized it was real. At first I said she kinda sounds like she’s about to spit a hot 16, but I didn’t want to sound like a hater.

How Bernice moving in her response to Tiny

You know how people always say, “Y’all b$#%h’s just mad because y’all fat and don’t have a man”. So I didn’t want to sound all bitter. BUT when I got on social media and read all of the comments. People was draaaaaaging her!!!!!! Some people said she sounded like Jadakiss, Raekwon, could battle The Notorious B.I.G., sounded like she smokes grape Swishers, and sounds like the crackhead outside of McDonald’s. Also a lot of people were surprised that she was 36 years-old and had a 20 year-old daughter. I have to agree, she definitely doesn’t look 36. But it’s not all about her “looking” 36 than a 36 year-old woman always posing like an Instagram h$e. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful woman. Ms. Burgos could dress classy and age appropriate and still have thousands of followers. But to expect people to respect her and not call her a h$e or homewrecker and then carry herself like she is, is not gonna happen. Sure she wouldn’t have as many male followers if she covered up her body, but she would still be considered stunning, and a “Boss B#$%h” She knew that posting damn near naked pictures and videos were going to get the attention of the fellas no matter what she sounded like or how old she was, and she was right. One of my co-workers was so in love with Bernice, I would always tease him about how close her eyes were together that she looked like a low-key slow deer. He said he didn’t give a damn if she couldn’t spell her own name.


That told me everything I needed to know. But my co-worker said he had to let her go because she’s messing with a married man and her voice is scary.  It surprised me!! I think she should have never responded to Tiny. Tiny is technically still married to T.I. so that is very disrespectful. Just like it was disrespectful when Tiny was dancing with Floyd Mayweather. But also because what she was trying to prove by responding, has back fired. The fantasy is gone is ruined for most men. The didn’t know she sounded like their favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. She should have stayed Milly Rockin on Instagram and kept it moving.
“Fine clothes may disguise, but silly words will disclose a fool”
― Aesop, Aesop’s Fables


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