Go Hard or Go Home

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Sometime last night Kendrick Lamar had the internet in an uproar after he released a new single on Apple Music titled The Heart Part 4.  I received the memo late and didn’t listen to it hours after being released. I’m no big fan of Kendrick Lamar, but I have to admit, it was so refreshing! Finally real hip-hop and lyrics that you have to remind because they are so dope. I don’t know when the last time I had to that. People are talking about all of the jabs he’s taking at Big Sean and Drake. Drake just released another album this week and of course everybody swears it’s best thing popping since *69 was  invented. But Drake can drop anything and people will be riding with him no matter what it sounds like because he’s the only choice we have o listen to. I can’t get into this new age “mumble rap” and every time I hear one note of Lil’ Yachty, 21 Savage, or them other little boys, I almost break my radio trying to turn it off. But if I had to listen to “For Free” by Drake one more damn time I was gonna stab myself in my ears! I see why Kanye West lost his mind. It’s a shame when you have to settle for trash music because there’s no quality music out. And I think these rappers know that. They know they can put anything out and it will be better that anything else and they got too comfortable. Well, Kendrick Lamar told y’all, you got until April 7 and it’s a rap. Y’all n%$#s had plenty of time to take your best shot.  Whatever you didn’t accomplish by April 7, too damn bad, cuz he’s coming with it. Hip-hop needs this. I love a little friendly competition, rappers taking jabs at each other. That’s what it’s all about. Hip-hop is too commercial. When people respond to diss tracks by dropping songs that they are worried about how many spins they got, you know the game is gone to hell. I’m loving the buzz  that this is getting and can’t wait to see the outcome. 


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