Boss Bih

Old School Kirk & Rasheeda

Chile, the talk of the town is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kirk Frost cheating and and his latest baby mama, Jasmine Washington. Now, I know that the majority of reality shows are scripted and fake, for ratings. But just how much are you going to make yourself look like a fool for, if it’s not true?

Bad Bit#h

Ok, let me calm down and get my thoughts together….Rasheeda Frost… of the most stunningly beautiful women I have ever seen….looks clean, can articulate pretty well, intelligent, takes care of her kids, is an entrepreneur……soooo, what tf is wrong with her husband, Kirk Frost??? This fool was caught a few seasons ago cheating on his wife, Rasheeda with some hood chick and her friend in a damn cabin with Benzino. Her even threw his wife an “Apology Party”, and stalked her all the way to New Orleans to win her back. You would think he would have never so much as looked at a female anything in his whole life!! But nooooooo, this idiot is caught once again with another dusty stripper broad. It’s so much wrong with this situation, it’s hard to pick a starting point.I’m not even going to discuss that the girl looks young enough to be Kirk’s daughter. (that’s another post), but the girl looks cheap, tacky, ignorant, thirsty, hungry, nasty, skinny, dirty, trashy, sleepy, nappy, ashy, dingy, grimey….I could go on and on.

Jasmine Washington

Have you seen Rasheeda lately??? I know people say that cheating is not about how beautiful your spouse is or how the sidepiece looks. But, damn son. Look what you’re jeopardizing and losing by cheating!!!!!! Rasheeda has really stepped her game up. I’m loving her grown, classy, and sexy look. Sexy, not stanking. She just looks like a grown ass woman, that’s all I’m saying. Anyway, the  girl, my bad, Jasmine ended up pregnant. I personally don’t think it’s Kirk’s just because that would be too much like right and everyone thinks it is. (There’s gotta be a plot twist right?) So Jasmine is pregnant and says it’s Kirk’s. But come to find out, everybody on the show done hit Jasmine, but Momma Dee, because Yung Joc just confessed to smashing. Wait, it gets better. or worse, depends on how you look at it.

Image result for rodney bullock love and hip hop
This Clown

So Jasmine’s current man is Rodney Bullock (or Lambo, Scambo Rodney as some might call him) This dude looks older than Kirk!!!! AND just got out of the feds!! Him and Mimi used to hook up back in the day, and she claims he scammed her out of so much she ended up going to jail. Now, I have dated a couple scammers before but damn….This Rod looks bad. Remember how your grandmama used to say “he looks like he’s up to no good?” Well, that’s Rod. That’s why I’m thinking they’re trying to scam Kirk outta some money. Whether, it’s his baby or not isn’t really the point I’m trying to make here. The point is he cheated on his beautiful wife….AGAIN!!!!!!!!


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